10 Conspiracy theories you have never heard about...

...because they don't want you to know the truth

10. Global Warming is the biggest hoax there is. They blame everything from farting cows in Australia to rice growing in India for global warming, but that's all a big lie. They just don't want you to use carbon. Carbon is one of the most versatile things around, and from diamonds to charcoal, they just don't want it to be cheap. For over a century, there have been engines and methods for generating energy from carbon derivatives and carbon based substances, but this has never allowed to reach the general population, because then the big industrialists would be penniless. The truth of the matter is that the Greenhouse effect is GOOD for vegetation growth. The climate has always been unpredictable throughout human history. Mother Nature is a bitch, get over it. Extinction is a way of life, get over that too. Carbon is your birthright.

09. There is an illusion that human history is 2000 years old. This is bullshit from the Church. We are much much older than that, more than 50,000 years actually. Things that have happened in this time are suppressed from common knowledge, records exist but are not open for everyone. We are a diminished civilisation, we were once a part of an inter-galactic civilisation, with many races living in harmony on the earth. The history you read in school was all FAKE.

08. The Apollo Moon landings were fake, but the Kommunists are far ahead, and will forever be. There is a whole colony of Russians on Mars, and they are keeping the whole affair secret so that humans cannot lay claim to their scientific prowess. They also mine gold from Mars, which makes them immune to any global financial crisis. If the world gets destroyed, or goes into Nuclear winter, the Russians will be the only people left alive. All hail the Russian Martians (or is it the Martian Russians).

07. There are no overdose deaths. The media cannot report authentic abductions. The aliens take all the good life to a better life on distant planets beneath skies with denser stars.

06. The Internet. Your homes, your vehicles, your money, your lives, everything that you are will be plugged into cyberspace. Then one day, BOOM. Everything goes black, and then, you will beg them to control you - that is the only way you can live. As slave rabble.

05. The New World order is coming about, around us. The apocalypse will be brought about by them, they will bring the world down to their knees, and reduce most of mankind to slavery. They control all the money in the world, therefore which governments come into power. They also control all the banks. They can control your minds with the human remote controls they have built in the satellites. YOu have heard of fear-based propoganda, but have you heard of beer-based propoganda? Yes, they have defiled that which is most sacred. I cannot write it, I cannot think of it... they know, you cannot guess it.

04. Doctors. The doctors don't cure you. They have stopped doing that a long time ago. They just treat you. This means that they can leech you throughout your life on the pretext of one disease or another. When things seem to go bleak, they manufacture diseases, or just invent them. All patients are given the illusion that they are sicker than they actually are. Pharmaceutical companies make the most money in the world.

03. In the good old times, man used to venture into the wild, and learn greater, deeper things, things beyond his understanding and knowledge through the agency of herbs and substances in nature. The origin of language, of mathematics and music, is via Shamans and sages who indulged in what is now called "substance abuse". They don't want you to free your mind, which is why drugs are illegal.

02. Free Tibet is all reverse psychology. China does not control Tibet, Monks from Tibet control the minds of the Chinese Government. The Tibetan Monks are earning huge portions of money, and running the world's largest slave organisation - China. The Dalai Lama is actually an alien from Sirius, and they posess technology that will make the CIA pee in their pants if they ever find out.

01. This is beyond the most secret thing around. You have been hearing about a certain secret society, but it is a cloak around a far more secretive organization. You have heard of the Illuminati, but have you heard of the Illuminazi?


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