Deshdrohi banned in Maharashtra

In other news Kamal Hassan blows a ton of money on a film called deshdrohi which tackles the immigrant issue in India, specifically, the issue of North Indian immigrants into the state of Maharashtra, and the Maharashtra government, to play safe, goes ahead and bans it in the state.

This brought about a conflicting set of reactions from me. To start with, it is a horrible and stifling measure, so much for the whole freedom of speech idea. On the other hand, if the trailers are anything to judge by, it seems to be a crappy film with horrible acting and everything with more than the usual hyperbole in Indian cinema. The government is probably doing everyone a favor by banning it. Unfortunately, the ban lasts for only sixty days. What I don’t like in such kinds of films is the way they appear to be all nice and kindhearted, with a goody goody preachy approach on how to improve society, yet being a head on commercial exploitation of confused feelings. Indian Cinema is full of fakes.

Did your mommy tell you that your hero, Neo is a kommunist?