Going on a trek to Harishchandragad (again)

One of my favorite trekking places in Maharashtra, along with Lohgad (which is just a great place, not a great trek) and Rajmachi. The view from Kokankada is breathtaking, and sleeping in the caves with a bunch of other people who are singing songs is a great expirience. Trekking in the night this time around, and have charged the battery of my Canon D400, so I can come back with some photos this time around. The last time, the battery died in the begenning of the trek, and it was raining heavily.
October was a good month to catch one of the rarest sights in Maharashtra. There is a guy who has gone on this trek more than fifty times just to look at this sight, and hasn't seen it. It is called the Indravajra, and can be seen only from Harishchandragad and Kalsubai as far as I know. This picture of the phenomenon (it is a circular rainbow) was taken by a friend called Prathamesh, who was lucky enough to see it. If it is cloudy tomorrow, then I might just be able to snap it myself. That is if the rainbow manifests. If not, then there is always the breathtaking view.

Pictures and other details on Monday.


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