Obama is president! (of the USA stupid)

The America that voted for Bush was America. The America that voted for Obama, was not America at all, and that is a great thing for world peace. Now the Kashmir issue will be solved, children will not die of hunger anywhere in the world, the Chinese will stop being communist, the Japanese will stop selling schoolgirl's underwear in vending machines, the Russians will discover christianity, and Kenya will the the fifty second state in America. The good old america, the deep south, where the Mississippi winds, voted for McCain.
I used to hate America. Obama's victory has taken that away from me. Now there is nothing to hate... dammit. This is the part where a great civilisation becomes decadent, stops growing, and starts to rot from the inside. Ah well.
Not that I care. Oh look at this wound===> nice one eh? You need a leg, and a nice hot exhaust of a bike to achieve this. Not me, a friend.


neha said…
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chyrag said…
obama ban gaya sab ka mama!
pacchas hajaar ka galla hai bawa