thats the number on my faber castell marker that cost me twenty bucks and which i have used to label all my cds. Yesterday night, sat and did it for a while. But the smell of the ink gave me a headache. Also wrote the story that i've just loaded. got up early this morning and pretended to sleep till my parents went to work. thought i would study, but i watched television instead, upgraded my story, finally decided upon a normal title for it, i played along with the question, the question to the answer, the answer to the question, the question is the answer, and the question to the answer 42.
But hell, just wrote it anyway.
Am putting up more articles and stories now. Some are withheld because i'm sending them places where it has been said that it should not be published beforehand.
Ah well, hope i get some money now, want to buy a few shirts at some exhibition on nature. Have to find out how to load photos in this shit.