God has no religion

God has no religion
-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Just look at how true this rings. I don’t see the point in any religion. According to the somewhat flexible morals of the modern society, one has to follow a certain order of discipline in order to be an integral part of the society. And then, the followers of any one discipline for a society of their own, and naturally are not very much a part of other societies - meaning people following other faiths. Naturally this brings about an unhealthy conflict, between two faiths with the same basic principles.
So tolerance is something that we need to learn. And here, the word ‘tolerance’ is used in very bad taste. When talking about people being ‘tolerant’ about other religions, there is an undertone in which any and all other religions are implied to be inferior and unhealthy to the society. So what we actually need, is an intolerance to all religions, thereby making a new one that doesn’t have conflicting ideas of a group of people, but at the most may have the conflicting ideas of a few people. Something like divide and rule. In order for a peaceful co-existence where people don’t have a backing of a considerable army of proud and angered and totally directionless people under the illusion of a religious doctrine forcing a set of somewhat false ideas onto other people. Such people, without a religion are hated by the entire society, that is all the people having any religion. They are branded as godless. They are hated probably because it would be immoral to enforce a religion upon them, because they have abandoned all of the existing ones. These ‘godless’ people are shunned by the religiously charged ones for being dangerous to the integrity of their own religion or society.
The alternative solution would be an absolute amalgamation of all religions, but minor differences, blown totally out of proportion would keep this from happening ever, and the result would be probably a hundred more religions emerging from the effort due to people choosing the supposedly religious disciplines most suited for their needs.
My point is this, if you actually believe in god, and are very religious, then you are in a dangerous state of mind. First of all, you would have to waste a large amount of your resources to fuel your faith. After that, when you are fuelling your faith, you are angering the less tolerant ones, and believe me, becoming a martyr for any religion is the worst waste for a human life ever possible. It isn’t all that difficult to establish something like a moral code of conduct (something like it exists already), where there are absolutely no religions followed, and all beliefs about god, and origin, and ritualistic waste of time are all extremely personal matters, and shouldn’t ever leave the four walls of the house. Hell, if it were up to me, I would prevent the spread of beliefs even from parent to child. Throughout history, and over a greater span of time than the religion founders can possible imagine, it has been proved that religion has harmed man more than helping him.
If there is something known as peace of mind, then why do you believe that religious meditation is the only way to achieve it? Experiments with non-religious meditation, have also given the exact same results. If you believe in god, and god himself doesn’t have a religion, why should you?
We don’t need it, it is a disgusting mistake that keeps propagating itself. It is a matter of human intelligence to throw away such long-lasting fantasies and enter the real life, where we can all co-exist. Religion is a self-defeating purpose. In our modern times, such archaic beliefs blinden humanity from true progress.
This is too stereotype and ending, but something that will stand true always, why don’t we simply adopt humanity as our religion?
-Aditya MJ