For all eternity

For all eternity
Your brain is the howling wind
Of confused thoughts flying by
And for every thought that you think
You watch a helpless reality die
And suddenly your brain is a storm
With winds of time and fate and origin
And the paradox of life that you live
In lethargic misery and inane sin

The mind strays into untamed fission
And the wonders of science derange your head
For all the scientists dissecting atoms
Were working only to see people dead
And maybe death was the salvation
As life itself was never to be:
What if god isn’t the greatest truth after all?
But instead, the greatest fallacy?

And deep inside the very soul burns
With the same energy that feeds the sun
For this soul of man refuses to believe
That life is but a thousand compounds of carbon
And all the weight comes down to life
A heart? A brain? A conscience? A soul?
What is that mystic spark that fuels a man?
Little choice but to accept ‘life’ as a whole

And life alone makes the mind go supernova
For with beautiful life alone began it all
And life alone is the thing that brings death
And a considering mind’s downfall
And after all that the answer hits you
What if life is just god dreaming?
But then your blood curdles as you wonder
What if life is just god screaming…

…for all Eternity?
-Aditya MJ