So basically i have this huge coll tests looming, and i don't know a thing about maths or physics, including the portions and whats been done at the lectures, as i was listening to go fm on radio most of the time (doing it now too, some crappy remix of roop tera mastana going on) and then i have a huge and important test at classes tommorrow, and i dont know a thing about that either. Actually, i know something, but it isn't enough. i am soo screwed up now.
Will land up very bad aademically, i am sure. second stupid blog that i have started out of desperation and boredom. Will probably discontinue this too after a few months. Damn.
Anyway, my har disk just got formatted and i lost all my songs, and so i have to rip them and download them again, and i lost a registered versio of winamp that i had managed to dowload. damn again.
Coll life is cool though. People are getting really close to me, and i am finally in the process of making some real friends. Balaji and I were playing this game about vishwajeet and someone i will not name hving sex, and its been shot and we have to come up with names for the movie. We came up with names like - i dont remember now.. ok goosebumps, star whores: attack of the pulsating pimples, boom, i'll ask bala and add more. shit, i forgot.
Ok, anyway, this is all nonsense. I will probably find out oif blogs are copyrighted. Then i will start publishing my articles and poems.
Probably will become a journalist and shatter my dreams of going into space afterall.