Theres this huge cyst that just exploded with a load of pus. My mother screeched that it was 'foamentation' NOT fermentation. Shit.
The test went average. The bio one went very good, though i forgot that it was called humerous. The chem sucked. zeroi at the most is what i am expecting.
cannot get anything more
Just downloaded some ufo pics that i am compiling for sir. Went to audumbar today, and caught up with a few friends. some people including a fat bitch are planning to dance for the looming ganesh utsav. Ashwin is also going to sing at the orchestra. Met asmita and called her by sms. She dropped me till the shoppoing centre and i walked back. finally finished writig all the conquest of land odd questions, in the notes as it was a punishment.
Am going to college tommorrow. Will note how it turned out. am going to put up articles and poems anyway.