about today

finally an about today title thingy.
some nonsese happenned today. played around with a load of people. b's bag got stonlen and kept near j, someone with whom we are all teasing him with. he struggled a lot. load of shit happenned. the english teacher c didn'tshow up, so we sat and played bluff instead. s showed up to teach some shit maths. i donno maths, and am going to flunk in them even at the boards. donno what i will say to my parents. then theres this shit that i dont understand, and like alst year i have been so totally lazy. lazyness is the culture of the teens today. hell man, my life really sucks. evened out everything with a, but i still think i a hates me.

not using names because i don't want to reveal them even if there is a slight possibility that they are reading this shit. i usually dont write in personal girly-diary thingies but hey what the hell. this is the shit i will probably get senti over a few millenium into the future. i got a nice story to write now, man evolving, and all the useless shit that is stored in his brain that he doesen't use anyway is info about all his past lives. hey good story. am going to write a few stories now.
cya tommrow


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