Bush backs alien evidence

Bush backs alien evidence

George W Bush says there is mounting evidence to suggest there is alien life on other planets.

The US President used his budget document to declare that there may be "space aliens" to be discovered.

A passage entitled, "Where are the Real Space Aliens?", states that important scientific research over the last 10 years indicates that proof of "habitable worlds" in outer space is becoming more of a reality.

Evidence for the current or previous existence of large bodies of water, an essential element for life, has already been found on Mars and on Jupiter's moons.

Astronomers are also discovering planets outside of our solar system, including around 90 stars with at least one planet orbiting them.

The document says: "Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined."

Aliens may be out there: Bush
From correspondents in Washington

PROOF that life exists outside the boundaries of Earth continues to elude scientists, but President Bush's budget suggests that "space aliens" may be out there.

And it could just be a matter of time before they are discovered.

In a brief passage titled "Where Are the Real Space Aliens?" Bush's budget document released overnight says several important scientific discoveries in the past decade indicate that "habitable worlds" in outer space may be much more prevalent than once thought.

The finds include evidence of currently or previously existing large bodies of water - a key ingredient of life as we know it - on Mars and on Jupiter's moons.

Astronomers also are finding planets outside the solar system, including about 90 stars with at least one planet orbiting them.

Aliens are coming!
Aliens are coming! -says BBC

18 February, 2003
Fintan Dunne, Editor
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The BBC has a reputation for being just a little stuffy and rather English about it's news coverage. Which makes it all the more surprising when it begins to colonize territory normally the domain of the lunatic fringe. By running a story about the real symptoms exhibited by alien abductees!

But perhaps not surprising. After all, the BBC is in good company: in the last few weeks, media organizations around the world are expressing a new interest in 'Aliens.' It's all part of a psychological gambit designed to makes us feel as if all in this earthly boat together --confronting a possible external threat. Nothing like an external worry to foster cohesion. Such cohesion acting as precursor to the final push for a New World Order.

Back in 1999, US billionaire Laurance Rockefeller decided to fund the UK's biggest survey of crop circles. They don't come any more NWO than the Rockefeller family.

On Tuesday, 14th August 2001, a workman atop the Chilbolton Weather Radio in Hampshire, UK, noticed an unusual feature some distance down the adjacent field. He thought nothing of it. He was unable -at his low elevation to discern it was a face carved in the fully-grown crop.

The following Monday morning, Chilbolton staff arriviving to start a new working week noticed a second crop glyph of hundreds of square feet in dimension --this time within yards of the field boundary. It seemed to be a reply to a radio message beamed at deep space in 1974 --from another radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

In the media frenzy that followed, SETI denounced the glyphs as a hoax reply that was vastly premature by millenia. Our message should have taken tens of thousands of years to arrive, said SETI. Therefore we could hardly expect a valid reply in only 27 years. Internet message boards were soon buzzing. Art Bell's internet-broadcast talk show had wall-to-wall coverage of Chilbolton almost every night. Only later did it emerge that the ET "answer" contained errors present in the original transmission. Failing to correct our errors was hardly the work of an advanced intelligence.

The crop circle gambit is now some years old, enabled both by straight hoaxing and the NWO's Star Wars space platforms. Simply feed the waveform for the desired crop circle into scalar transmitters. This generates an interference pattern at the ground level --where the space vacum energy is liberated as microwaves type energy. Constrained by the interference pattern, the microwaves swirl around the crop in the desired shape. Switch off the beam. Instant crop circle.

Coincidentally, it was only two days after the 9/11 attacks, on September 11, 2001 that crop circle researcher Colin Andrews summed up the 2001 crop glyph season on the Art Bell show:

"There's never been a better one, this is by far the pinnacle of the last 20 years, these new designs are awe inspiring, it feels so special... it troubles you and yet it excites you,
one feels a spiritual content to it."

Provinging a space-oriented pseudo-spiritual alternative to the religions they hope to displace, is a key component of the New World Order agenda. That explains the high investment in this area and the concurrent assault on religion through the paedophile cleric scandals and the religious war theme of the Clash of Civilizations. Soon we will be encouraged to dump "divisive" religious commitments altogether.

Then a new legitimacy for 'aliens' was kickstarted last year with the arrival of The Disclosure Project --whose well organized press launch took place at the Washington Press Club, no less! Most of the speakers were military men demanding the US government come clean and admit that UFO's are a hard, yet hushed-up reality. The pitch was lapped up by every alien conspitatorialist website on the Internet.

By year end, Steven Spielberg's "Taken" mini-series had lent credibility to the abductee phenomenon. Given his previous involvement in the E.T. and Close Encounters films, possibly no other single individual has done as much to advance the 'Aliens' agenda.

And of course the world will never forget the CIA-inspired wall to wall coverage in January 2003, of the Clonaid group and their alien-inspired leader Rael.

Recently, just two days after the Columbia disaster, eminent thinker and US president G.W. Bush declared in a brief Budget passage titled "Where Are the Real Space Aliens?" that there is mounting evidence to suggest alien life on other planets --and bumped up the budget allocation to search for them.

Yesterday, February 17th, the alien theme got mainstream legs as the UK's respectable BBC, along with ABC Australia and US news group MSNBC all told us that alien abductees have real symptoms.

That's coordinated tri-continental coverage for... well, wackos! The preperation for aliens in the mainstream has been methodical and relentless. Now, having dipped their toes in the aliens issue, expect more of the same from the controled media.

Harkening back to that early February, 2003 Bush budget document. One extract says: "Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined."

That's right. There is indeed something out there. But don't rush into the street yelling "The Aliens are coming, the Aliens are coming." It's not the 'Aliens' coming. It's the New World Order. Personally, I'd take the 'Aliens' in preference, any day. I think we could trust them more.


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