They say there are no infinites
Except the ones in your head
But then you suddenly realize
That there are no finites instead
And even the sands of aged time
Must fall to lesser dust one day
For when all the stars finally fail
Even the infinites will fade away

And maybe man alone will survive
From his researches on time and space
Or maybe an eternal death will be
The deliverance that he would embrace
For in-between the mountains of ignorance
Are buried the deep valleys of wisdom
And between the two, man is walking
Nowhere to go, and nowhere from

And who says that god will rescue us all
And what if a god isn’t man’s reality
And what if man is rescuing god?
And we men are but god’s fantasy?
Even god may be blinded from the truth
For falsehood seeps in everywhere
And when vortexes throw their shadows
And demons walk the mind’s lair

And even lightning gets smothered out
By the cracks of harmless sanity
And the mind, a lost child, is reared
By the wolves of fate howling silently
And if you’ve read this thing through
Don’t let it burden your intellect
Just write any old CRYPTIC NONSENSE
And suddenly you’re an insightful poet ;)
-Aditya MJ