Baby Bob’s Marvellous Toy

Baby Bob’s Marvellous Toy

Who created the earth, one might question,
And many gods do this credit rob,
Don’t listen to the say of your religion,
The world was created by baby Bob…

Mighty baby Bob made this ball
And he coloured it with green and blue,
And in it he put us humans all,
And creatures that crawled and flew.

Then he blew out the clouds in the sky,
And fashioned lakes, rivers and streams,
Shaped the valley deep and mountain high,
Flung out the sun, dropped the moonbeams.

Painted the rainbow and the northern lights,
And the eerie glow of the firefly,
All the stars that shine in our nights,
And the lightning that streaks the stormy sky.

He rippled the seas with mighty waves,
And then lit the fire on volcanic mountaintops,
Crafted crystalline daggers in cavernous caves,
And Chalk-white cliffs with breathtaking drops.

He made the rain and then the snow,
He pushed out the grass and then the trees,
And coaxed the delicate flowers to grow,
Then he modelled the busy buzzing bees.

Yet a question remained to be answered,
Why did he do what he did?
This is very true though very absurd,
Mighty Bob was one punk of a kid.

Thor had a Hammer, and Ariadne, a seed,
Krishna had a flute, and Odin, a flame,
Cupid had a harp and Loki, a steed,
And Bob too wanted something special to his name,

So, he shaped the whole elaborate thing;
(The place we live in, our very own globe)
Bob just wanted an exceptional earring,
And now it proudly hangs from his left earlobe…

-Aditya MJ
Division D (FYJC)