celebrated hitting the ciggie brand mark by going twenty five. Now the main page will have a hell load of blogs... will take an even longer time to load on Ashwin's comp.

ok, this list has just ten items. Just ten things I hate in life. Donno why i am doing this.

Aashray told me h never got past five in making any list.

the list is not in any order. Will or wont make sense, but I don't exactly care much.

1) "Reality" television shows
2) Pretentious people
3) Typos while chatting and in e-mails
4) People who judge other people because of their faults
5) Not compeleting something
6) A tape getting spoilt
7) Never having enough RAM
8) Nothing good on television
9) People who spit while they speak
10) Bullies

Dont actually hate anything here. Really. just find them mildly irritating. Anyway, going to sleep now, even though I have slept a lot today. Will read a bit more of born that way and turn in. Have to go to yeoor tommorrow. That is why I must not go to BCL tommorrow, though the guy I bumped into while looking at Jai Hind admissions might wanna go. Damn. His college starts tommorrow, I donno when my college starts. Probably tommorrow... that seems to be the university dates. Still, I donno. Will find out who my classmates are day after tommorrow at least. So the journey begins. Will have a BMM blog or miht incorporate it into this one. Donno. Maybe. The charachters now are V, M and S, people who I have met during admission.

there is also this girl who reminds me of umbridge and who I hope as hell isn't in my class.
I hope she got through in KC or something. Please God. Or even better, get ME through in KC.

good night to me.