The lights were flickering like hell and the net is really slow. I don't know what is happening. I actually forgot to blog for two days - or rather remembered too late that I had to. Basically pretended to study and played badminton for the two days. Gave the Jai HInd entrance today. they hasd asked questions like who is lex luther a sidekick to and suchlike. The essay was on "Reading maketh a man" and the ads were on a rhinoceros shaped car and a hair oil that also removes lice. KC entrance tommorrow, will do it well ... hopefully.
went to college early morning to submit my BSC form. The queue built up as soon as I was done. Friends got the CET results today .Everyone were disappointed as usual, despite scoring amazaingly high marks. I am the academic loser in the group.
Then went to sion station, and Aashray came by, and waved from inside the train which was a pretty dumb thing to do. The train was shit crowded. I did the involuntary get down, get back up in Dadar, and managed to find a seat next to him.
We went to KC together, exchanged mobiles because my battery was running low, and later I went to Jai Hind to give the entrance, but I was two hour early so I went to a restaurant and had ghee mysore sada dosa, which was called butter mysore sada dosa there, and then went to BC library and read parts of an amazing book called born that way. Really cool book which says that genes DO in fact affect our behaviour.
Cool eh? Need to get that book and make notes.
Will do it tommorrow. Fo Sho.
Then came back home, had alu paratha steamy hot, and headed over to eden woods, played badminton, came back, am reading Folliet's code to zero now. Will sleep early today because I have to be in KC by eight thirty tommorrow.
Plans of going to matheran were discussed and scrapped because of my results. damn. Tommorrow friends are coming over. Probably.