about today

Today was good. Much better than I thought it would go. Got up in the morning and swam, swam till around nine, from seven thirty, and was swimming like hell to keep all the tension away, tension which never actually materialised. We played a few games and I went to the deep end again, but came a little close to losing my cool there. the lifeguard told me off on principle, but when I said I never went in the middle of the deep end, and when everyone else who comes there backed me up, he sort of laughed and was preplexed as to why I wasn't taking that risk.
Came home from swimming and slept till twelve after putting some music on. Listening to irish celetic music right now...
So I got up at twelve, meet friends below Triveni, and head over to the college. I sat in the classroom, and Aashray called. I asked him to check my marks over the net itself, and coming to know that I had passed just made my day. ther results show exactly how much I studied. Except IT. I got more than twelve marks less than I had expected. But still, these marks are pretty good, considering the fact that I had almost not studied....
English could have gone better, but its a language paper and therefore unpredictable.
came home from college, met the beta classes sir, got a pastic cock for sixty five fucking bucks, came home, then went to eden woods to play badminton. Won most of the matches, then went to the old building, Audumbar, and then ate Paani puri with a friend, then came home, and am doing this right now.
So that's done, now I am blogging. and chatting with a friend.