Monday evening blues

Pretty amazing opical illusion I came across while surfing...

the page is available here

Aashray just called and gave me the serial for a new world : 9097-7234-289-558-2467-5251. Ashwin and Aashray both had called with conflicting plans for tommorrow - the conflict being in the fact that we're going to go/ not go.
As things stand, we are going to go to yeoor tommorrow, and come back home by ten thirty. Not in a mood to do that right now because I am going to get wet and soggy, and have to haul my ass all over the place. Damn.
OK major achievement for today is that I emptied the cardboard box. Now i don't know what to do with it - it was the old box the TV came in. I cleaned up my room, from a horribl horrible state. the bed was so full of clothes and papers that I slept on the floor on a matress. Made a shrine under the table... finally. but its a bit too cramped, and I cannot even sit properly.

After cleaning my room, I did the most whacked out thing possible. I was given the task of destroying my father's old credit cards. So I had to come up with devious and innovative ideas of destroying plastic.
the first idea was to burn them - but even I am not that stupid. My simple idea was to wedge them at the door hinges and press hard. This is good excercise, as the carre pretty tough. When they din't exactly get pulvarised - I didn't burn them. What I did do was put all the credit cards in a mixer grinder...
After that, i took what was left, dumped it all in a plastic bag, wrapped it in paper, iverted a stool over it, and began jumping on it like hell.
the problem was, that the blade of the grinder had inadvertantly worked its way under the stool. Shit. It was fortunately bent in a somewhat symmetrical manner, so i am not too worried, but the plastic top was damages unsymmetrically.
After this, I burnt them. First I rapped them in paper, sprayed perfume on it, and set it on fire. the paper and the credit cards fused together, but a really clever fellow could have probably gotten the numbers. Then I wrapped everything in an old piece of cloth and set the thing on fire.
Let me tell you, cloth burns for a long time.
Mission accomplished.

Exhausted from cleaning my room and the exertion of destroying old credit cards, I went to sleep. then I got up, had palak panner, which the guy called a farsan now. I don't like it when shops change the names of their stuff. I also had a veg pattice. Aashray founds the fact that I blog about all such things both boring and funny - which is a very rare thing to feel. Anyway, I made the first comic strip as I promised:

Left to right, that's Me, Aashray and Ashwin in a southparkish setting.

Will blog aain - mebbe something about anaglyph images.