gargar is defined as the phrase to use when there is a lack of any other.
Results. Tommorrow. Of my HSC. Don't know what the fuck I will be blogging tommorrow.
Anyway, no swimming today, the club was closed and a Ameya had called for the StarWars spoof, but I went to Eden Woods instead, and spent the day playing cards. I tried teaching them bridge, but we ended up playing hearts, then badam satti and bluff. We also played a bit of a Royal Flush, but that was all pure luck, so it was a bit boring.
the most interesting game was tarot, where one deck is kept in the middle, and the other deck is distributed to all the players. then each person lifts a card and says whoever gets this... and makes a prediction.
the precdictions I remember for me are:
1) Will marry and divorce thrice
2) Will be bad at relationships
3) Will be in the spotlight in a few years
4) Will excel at anything I do
5) Will write a book on "how to have sex" within ten years
6) Will have a lot of problems
7) All predictions about me will come true

All the good predictions were bagged by me.

Later we played dumb charades with songs. Then I came home, spent most of the day there, but came home in the middle to eat food. then began to blog. Might UD a bit, but HSC RESULTS TOMMORROW.
Will obiously blog how it goes.
But I am not as nervous as I shuld be.