the tests

Got up early, no swimming, got ready and headed over to college. Took the first class, and reached somewhat in time. The entrance test itself was pretty tough, but i was expecting that. I didn't know any of the full forms, UNI, O&M and MICA. I know the full forms now, United News of India, Ogilvy and Mathers, and MICA is Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts although wikipedia says its Missile d'Interception et de Combat AĆ©rien. Some missile shit. Then came the information and broadasting minister, which I knew to be Jaipal Reddy, the other questions included brand ambassadors for tata tea and thumbs up, and samna's ownership, which I knew was Shiv Sena.
the essay type qestions took up 35 marks and included questions like write likes and dislikes about a paper you read regularly, advertisments are following ethics, comment and stuff like that, which I dhapofied and aced. Somewhat.
The PI was next after a procedure that i didn't understand much. Actually I did, but am too bored to blog that right now. My guide didn't find the right room, and we roamed around for a bit. I landed up in the correct room eventually, and it was outstanding.
I aced all the questions and ended up with a discussion on the morality of sting operations.
The less said about the GD the better. The topic was "page 3 should be banned" and I hardly spoke. Damn. When I spoke no one listened. Bloody fucking assholes.
Guess I should improve myself. The good thing is that the teacher told off a few students for bulldozing through the GD and not letting evryone talk.
I was half-praised in the end when i finally got a chance to speak.
the teacher told off someone for bulldozing through most of the GD.
And everyone who spoke made atrocious mistakes. Like one girl spoke to the panel. Another girl spoke only to that girl. No one actually listened.
But I guess it was pretty OK. Throw in the minority quota and the 120 seats and I am almost in for sure. Mebbe in Nerul, but I am in.
Talked to Sridhar and some friends, including this really funny one outside. He said that one guy said to a girl that if she ran out of a job, then she would go dance in a bar.
ah well...
Spoke to them for a bit, and left. came home, slept a bit, faught with my motehr for something, I was in a bit of a bad mood, then headed over to Eden woods to play badminton.
Played with some hugo kid.
Came home and am blogging now.
I was hittint ctrl+t instead of shift+t and google was translating the page... dumb thing.
Tommorrow, I am going to Eden Woods to play cards and stuff with those friends instead of hanging out with my school friends. yeahah.
Somewhat not happy with this.