Sunday, June 19, 2005

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got up early morning. Fortunately the water supply was there, so i got ready and headed over to the station with my father on the back of his bike. Missed a fast train to VT, and also just missed a slow one because I wanted to get on in first class. I resisted the temptation of running and catching the train.
Which turned out to be a good thing because a fast train came on platform six just as I headed over there. This is a very rare event...
Each person had six seats to oneself, anda fter Dadar, twelve.
Going to VT in a fast that early in the morning was pretty poetic, especially as it had begun to rain. The rain hung in small drops from the grill, and everything around was just a little wet, and everything was grey and serene, jarring grossly with people shitting on the sidelines.
Got to VT at around nine, and was in depserate need of a belt. Didn't find one in VT subway, headed over to churchgate, didn't find one there too, got a few comic books, then found a belt shop in the churchgate subway.
Then headed over to KC, bumped into this guy, and then two more and waited. We sat in the library waiting for our turns at the interview, what was funny was that this guy had a studds helmet, and our reflections were right above this. Pretty cool eh?
The interview went OK - want to forget it as soon as possible. Might blog about it later mebbe, came home after that, a bit confused and mystified, finished watchinf forrest gump, played badminton and won every single fucking match... then came home and am blogging now.

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