Sunday, June 19, 2005

lesbian lizards

This is actually an about today blog. Got up, did not go swimming, can't go till tuesday now because I have the interview tommorrow. Prepared just a wee bit for it and hope that I will do well... best of luck to me.
Got up, headed over to VT after watching a bit of discovery, learnt about the whiptail lizard, a lexbian race that lays unfertilized eggs. Pretty interesting.
But I already knew about that. It had something to do with the top ten gender battles thingy. They showed elephants, lions, and praying mantises amongst other things. I caught only the end of the program and saw snippets of these creatures as they were counted down. I thought the black widow would be in there for sure. the name itself shows the superior gender, as well as the reason why. At the lst moment I changed from my guess in the no 1 pos from the spider to the lizard (guess the mantis and the spider were too similiar)...
By the way, jsut realised that Dan brown has made the same mistake I just made. A spider is not, truly speaking, an insect. it's a crustacian. In DF, brown claims that a Lobster is an insect, working the other way round, You can guess how accurate his other information is likely to be eh?
then went to British council via Jai Hind and Kc. My name wasn't on the Jai Hind list for sure, and was on the KC list for sure. Tommorrow is the interview. Didn't read much in the library, extended my membership, xeroxed the introduction of sex in the future, got "born like that" and "not in the genes" both books probably have contrasting arguments for the classic nature - nurture debate. Will read them after the interview tommrrow .Have to get a good belt for the interview too... damn.
Then came home, capped Kajra re, which you can read about below. Watched a bit of Forrest Gump in the morning. Only around forty minutes or so.
Pretty cool movie. Then went to play badminton. Lost a load of matches, but still played well. Being unsportsmanly, and irrgramatical and uberinventive, but the fact remains that i lost because of my partners.
Willer inventise and modificate mostest of the wordinglets as muchasmo is possibling. Willer mostest probeblantry inventise a new languager in the processant.
Prettymost ubercoolechismo eh?
Played badminton, came home after having paani puri and a dew/pepsi cocktail. The staple diet of paani puri is giving me loose motions, which isn't very disturbing as you don't have to take too much effort to crap. now crapping is like peeing. The good thing about blogging is the absolute freedom of speech.
the bad thing about blogging is the absolute freedom of speech.
Man gives himself more credit to his intelligence, and thinks he can handle freedom of speech. freedom of speech should be allowed only in a society which is free of any influence whatsoever. since this is not possible, freedom of speech should not exist. That way, you wouldn't have to hear about why being loose is a good thing.

Like the slogan on the shirts from hell site. "if Jesus would come back, we'd kill him again"

will end with that. Nothing much to blog. Will blog tommorrow. Sincerely pray and hope that I get through in KC. Please God.

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