thought I would not be blogging today... but ended up doing it anyway. Tommorrow morning I have to leave for the tests and stuff. I have to wear formals which is going to be a bit wierd. came home from swimming, then headed to CST. Caught the 11:03 fast and thought that the forms were not available after 12:30. So I rushed to JAi Hind, got the forms in this cute folder, headed over to Xavier in a taxi that took a roundabout route, around churni road through a flyover, but still got charged only thirty bucks.
I came to know that Xavier was giving out the forms, from a friend's friend whose mother had clled up to ask info for her son's admission.
I live a complicated life.
I met the friend's friend outside Xavier, was a surprise. Then came home in a slow, read the prospectus, but not Manorama Year book, which I read on the way over.
I met my mom on the station, purchased my clothes, ame back home, actually went to play badminton instead of studying, and lost all matches. damn.
Then went to the shopping centre, and discovered that I was understashed for buying shoes for tommorrow.
Came home, got the cash, went back, got the shoes and the xerox, came home, went back to get veggies, had cocnut water, then am giving virtual intervies and looking
up sites for a bit of last minute studying.
really helpful interview here
ah well. google did not show me the ministry in india. wikipedia did. As I put on in UD, wikipedia is the new google.
Did a load of other things today which i will blog about tommorrow (includes recording a cukoo's voice)