about the rest of today

Came home from swimming. Then, told my mom I was sleeping for a while, andasked her to wake me in half an hour. An hour later, I went into the living room, and she told me that she had gone to sleep too. I came back to my room to find a message from Nikhil very much like "I am waiting for u, where d hell are u?". damn. I replied the truth, had a bath, caught a rick, and reached ghatkoper a full hour and a quater late. Internet is acting up for some reason.
Anyway, I reached ghatkoper late, and then sorrified him a lot, caught the next fast train to VT, and I didn't want to cross the road and take the slightly roundabout route again.
But I didn't even cross the subway first, so we had to use the underside of the bridge on the far side of Planet M to get to court (Nikhil joked that we were in court and that we hadn't done anything) and finally made it to Xavier, where we weren't even allowed to go inside. The watchman told us about BMM forms even before we went in. They would be available on the seventh and eighth.
Then we took a cab to Jai Hind. What a rotten motto... "we will and we can" It should have been "we can and we will" if at all they had to involve willing and canning.
On second thouhts, it is actually cool that they put determination ahead of potential.
The stupid sa sign telling that the forms will be available after the HSC results, have been replaced with another less tupid sign, telling that the forms will be available on the fourh, sixth, seventh and eighth for 150 buncks, and a further 100 bucks for submission...
NExt stop: KC. Nikhil almoist went astray, I caught up with him, and told him where to go. We saw an old derelict almost abandoned plymouth (with boxes stored at the back) on the way. It was huge. Might take a pic of it the next time I go to the library, which has to be pretty soon now.
There some Sir told us that we will get the forms after the HSC results, and he was surprised when we told him we had already got them.
HE then told us that to come and check about the submission on the seventh and the eighth.
I know its the 8th almost for sure.
So the coleges I am applying for are, in order of preference
1) KC
3) Xavier
4) Jai Hind
I hope no prof reads this.
Just after Jai Hind and before KC, I purchased my own copy of five point someone. Just had to buy it.
Then headed over to SIES for Nikhil's form submission. Met some guy from classes there. Throughout the journey, Nikhil was adoring my writing skilles (I had shown him dakshinayanam) and he called my diction artillary. Cool usage according to me.
Later came home, classes friend and Nikhil went to Vt for seperate reasons, I ame back home, ate a few biscuits, then headed over to Eden Woods, and met my friends who had just come back from watching bunty and bubli and were having dahi puri.
I played around four matches of badminton, lost the first one, and won the rest. Freaked out on Aashray, which was pretty unfair.
damn. He was a bit angry, but I apologized. He will be coming anytime soon.
I borrowed Ashwin's cycle. Cool.
Am blogging now, and might UD a bit.
Results, making me a bit nervous... damn.