the cameraphone

Will be getting one of these anytime soon. They are going for eleven grand on e-bay, which means they'll be a lot cheaper in the shops. Or otherwise I donno. The k750i is just ubercool but I'll be satsified with the 700. Not that much of a difference except that the cam is a hefty two megapixel one. I don't need a two MP camera, I laready have a digital camera for that, and it would be too costly.
currently am using some wierd nokia model of Aashray.s The inbox and the phone memory is just too small. And the phone is somewhat retarded takes a long time to process simple things like opening the inbox. My actual mobile, some wierd samsung model is with him now. He has changed all the settings and ringtones, which I have done on his mobile. Will be getting that back soon, but its a very cheap mobile that my father purchased for temporary purposes. It actually has a bloody antenna. Damn.

My first mobile, the alcatel one touch 120 is currently being used by my father. It is also retarded and takes like a millenium to start up, and the antenna just sucks big time. It has polyphonic ringtones though, which is somewhat of a consolation.
Alcatel had a miserable launch in India. Despite their dead cheap mobiles, they just did not have the name to find a corner in the indian mobile market, which is pretty much in the afteboom stage right now. I think.