Thursday, June 16, 2005


by the oak ridge boys. Listening to that right now. Went past the watchman flirting with the kamwali bais in the afternoon and headed over to ghatkoper where I had lunch with my mother, then met everyone in cofee shop, then headed over to a friends's house.
Slept a bit, tried to play cards, and balls, heard really sad sexual jokes, with everone bursting out giggling, whenever i used the term "patner" while trying to teach them to play poker.
Came out of there finally, and headed over to SIES. where I met a bunch of people I know from other entrances. rgw xyruw qla rgwew!!!
spoke for a bit, saw that I had gotten through in BMM but not in BScIt, came home with a slight fever and did not go to play badminton. Can't do it tommorrow either. Will swim tommorrow. Probably. Haven't done that in a long time.
Had to pee like hell again today. Of all the restrictions inflicted upon a man by god, the 600 ml one is by far the most painful and emberassing. Kept it within me, but Sridhar was cracking really lame jokes, which were making me laugh because of the utter boredom, and my diaphragm was exerting lateral pressure on my bladder.
By the way, this really clever guy thought that the urine was stored in the balls.
Back to the point: Sridhar's Jokes.

what is the difference between a pee and a tree?
you can pee on a tree but a tree cannot pee on you

what is the difference between a pee and a he?
there is a he-man but no pee-man

what is the difference between a she and a pee?
a shee comes out of the anus, and a pee comes out of the penis.

He was right about the lame part and wrong about the joke part.

BEfore all this crap heppened, I was in Sid's place, playing badminton. Lost pathetically and won magnificantly once I got used to the court.

Watched southpark - the episode where the elephant fucks the pig. such a challenge to the sound engineers...

plans for tommorrow
1) Swim
2) Pay SIES fees
3) Look at lists in KC and Jai Hind....

will probably blog later today, something or the other is bound to come up.

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