Load of cartoon strips.

what is funny is that how something meant to add colour to the blog becomes another blog itself. happened with the occult diaries, which I thankfully, deleted, happened with themythological crap after I bloged quetzalcoatl's story, which I thankfully deleted especially there was this one post about the lays of rome, which was a blog consisting of no less than 50,000 words. Then there was the photoblog of useless photos, which was also thankfully deleted.
And finally, this one is comin up with all the cartoon strips. Actually, I made the strips to follow the storyline as in the blogs of yellowwonderwall and the wankhade chap. Too bored to link the actual blogs here...

So after we ended up not going on the trip to yeoor for three consecutive days, I went to sleep after getting up early.

This was from yesterday.. or was it today... hard to remember when youth disrupts your sleep cycles. Anyway, some day in the not too distant past, I... hell the explanation is too complicated for this:

HBP is out already. The registrations a crossword were done at January. 1000 and counting. hat cost 899 bucks. That's the price at paperback. but at Kapoors, it cost only 760 bucks, with a 200 downpayment now, and at Oxford its 721. so the book's cheapest at Oxford, but i'm getting it from Kapoor. Watch this place to find out who dies.

this is a funny thing that actually happened while coming home yesterday.

So I guess all the strips merit a seperate blog for themselves. Dont know whether to upload them to the blospot server or leave them in geocities.