JAM and elephant hair

As i blogged earlier, JAM came out today.

I liked the pic of Lalu and Rabri

Very much like the real thing.

I had to printscreen the official site, and edit out the extra stuff and bring the bloody banner behind their heads to look like the JAM pick... but it sortof used up and wasted my time both at once.

mebbe I will put another thingy on the sidebar - one that shows the current issue of JAM. Pretty cool eh?
The mechanism to do this is pretty simple... just link it to a file in a geocities account, and update the pick whenever. Think I am going to do that...

need a sidebar thing that shows the top movie and top song.

Ah I am getting all excited about the sidebar again. This is about JAM AND elephant hair.

Now about the elephant hair.

I purchased elephant hair from a mohut for fifty buks. Big lumbering beast was ignored as I walked around a foot away from its huge belly...

when I saw the elephant hair ring at Chalam aunty's house a few days ago, I never thought unprocessed elephant hair would be so smooth.

But elephant hair, is really like smooth wire. The good thing is that I am getting myself an elephant hair ring. My mom's manager has a bracelet. its not exactly for the belief that elephant's hair jewellery makes you stronger, but it's just such a unique adornment for a ring.

Anyway, a fwe calls were exchanged between friends, and i am not going to anyone's house tommorrow, mebbe chalam aunty's but that's very unsure. Nikhil and I are going to head over to VT to check on Jai Hind, Xavier and KC about the entrance forms, though I have the phone numbers of all these colleges in my home.
ah well..

will go swimming for sure tommorrow. Like I did today.So will sleep early. I hope tehre is no powercut, but I am going to set an alarm anyway, just to be sure...