ear is draining

Water is coming out of my ear right now. Everything just got louder and clearer. Came back from swimming. Swam for exactly one hour. I was in the deep end, without a float and without holding on to something or someone for the first time. I swallowed water and got nervous everytime I bumped into someone, but it only happened twice. I swam the breadth of the pool twice, and even dared the length once. Yes! The new watch survived, so I gues I can let it stay on forever now. I almost didn't go because I was sleepy and i misread the time at six thirty thinking it was seven thirty and therefore too late to go, and went back to sleep. at seven thirty, I got up and saw that it was only seven thirty and decided to go.

Monsoons are around the corner. Would be nice to swim when it is raining, but only one quarter of the pool is open to rainwater.
Ah well.
will UD a bit after blogging, then get ready and head over to Jai Hind first, then Somaiya mebbe, and finally head back home before three, and study for the test for sure.
The huge tests are tommorrow, and I am worrie dmore about the results on tuesday.

I am sure I will pass at least.