Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The complex relationship of the word alcohol to the word hot.

Alcohol is hot. Not hot like you put it in a vessel, and put a smaller vessel containing water in it - alcohol is not - it will make the water boil hot. It is just it will burn up your cells hot. Or alcohol can be hot as in stolen stuff is hot. So stolen alcohol is hot in two ways. Then stolen alcohol that is being boiled is hot in three different ways.
But Aashray, a friend thinks that alcohol is hot only like it is hot in the third case - without the boiling.
I tried explaining all the possible ways that alcohol can be hot, but he was pretty confused. I told him it can be hot in the way he thinks it is hot, and that alcohol is not hot that way.
He pointed out the fact that alcohol is hot because it burns you out inside when you drink it pure and neat.
I asked him where the fuck he got his hands on pure and neat alcohol.
nevermind the answer.
But that is apprently because the alcohol just irritates the mucous lining and is a nervous stimulant. IT's hot in a totally different way.
but that confused him even further - and he thought I was telling him alcohol was hot like chillies are hot, and not like why alcohol really is "hot."

the conversation got too confusing at this point of time, and fortunately the discussion ended when this hot girl walked past.

Then something about getting nailed got into the picture.
Of cource, jesus got nailed to the cross. But that's like the most unobvious thing to think of anywhere.
He aslo got nailed. Like getting screwed. Like getting screwed... and you know gettin fucked. aarghhh... isn't there ONE word which is not ambigous with respect to this!

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