still searching

just saw teh sharapova-Willams match. Wonder what happened to Serena...

Was hoping Williams would win against Sharapove for the past ten minutes so taht I could watch the Davenport-Maurusmo match. Wonder what made them put the other two semifinalists into the centre court. Just because of the defending champion? Anyway, I don't want to watch the finals if Davenport does not get through. No first seed, and no defending champion - will not be a match worth watching. Williams versus Sharapova wasn't a match worth watching either - come to think of it. The first four male seeds have made it to the semifinals -now that's an evenly placed macth. I remember watching the Agassi - Sampras face offs, it was as exciting as wrestling, only not made up. even last years Nalbandian versus Federer and the Federer versus Ferrero matches were pretty cool. Men's tennis is infinately more interesting than female tennis.

Anyway, that was about wimbledon. There was some article in the papers today about girls being more adventerous because of their career choice. I believe its a bad sign, because here, it's just the same old, don't be unemployed till you get married thing.

The potholes are being levelled by some guys in the municipality who think it is going to be a good idea. Bastards. Now the vehicles slow up at those stretches of road anyway, because it is dug up...

And watched the final episode of friends today. Pretty emotional expirience. Was sitting in a friend's house surrounded on all sides by pretty close friends I made in just two years. I used to believe that I'll never have close friends in Junior College because I had made some pretty lousy "friends" in school... despite my twelve years there.
But in two years I made much better friends, and the ones that I already had also became better friends in those two years.
1) This happens to everyone for some wierd reason
2) I finally became clever enough to handle such relationships.
Now real college is starting tommorrow. Match point... match washed out due to rains. Damn.
Anyway, so i had this emotional moment where I felt like hugging everyone around me. It was the last episode of friends, somewhere in the middle where Ross is in the wrong airport, and everyone is screaming about the falanche. I was in the middle of this group, and they were my friends. Right then, it meant everything to me.
I didn't cry when friends got over and everyone headed over to the cofee shop. No one else did. Good freinds that we are, we had an argument right there.
Now it's all OK, and we are probably going to Lonavala on sunday - but I am sure this plan will fall through.
But tommorrow is my first day of college. Day one. 8:45, I will see my new classroom for the first time. Many of those guys are going to be my friends.
And this time I will have three years.
I will have more friends, and mess up less.
I am pretty happy with my life right now. I am in a good course in a good college, with good friends, and a good family. I am an adult, but still a teen. All my friends think I am a pretty cool guy, and say that I underestimate mself, which is the best compliment anyone can ever recieve. Hell I KNOW that I am a pretty cool guy. I have no problems except my innate laziness, which I sometimes enjoy, I have no ambissions except surviving college, and study the hell out of this course, I am confident I will ace it, I have no unsatisfied wants or needs, no financial problems whatsoever, in perfectly good health, despite enjoying raste ka food everyday, and hogging it out at home too, I have absolutely no unsatisfied needs. Hell I have no unsatisfied wants.
My life is perfect right now.
I think I will end this post right there - I can;t believe this - Tommorrow is the first day of college, and I am going to enter it knowing that my life is perfect right now.

I really really hope that college is not a big let down.

My life is PERFECT right now.