ten things I've done you probably haven't

I had a mostly dysfunctional childhood, walking the tightrope between crazy maniac and perverted bastard. These are the things I've done as a kid, and most of these are things that I heavily regret, and also am ashamed of.

10) Peed in my pants as a dare (this was REALLY long ago OK?)
09) Thrown baby sparrows out of a third floor window. watched in pleasure as a car ran over and squashed their dead bodies.
08) Thrown a snake in a fountain, then blamed it on someone else, with everyone present knowing that I had done it.
07) Thought that Anon was the name of an actual poet
06) Invented a kid sister who died of pneumonea. I still dont know how to spell the word.
05) Wore a saree on teacher's day. And I wasn't even very young then. Damn.
04) Convinced a friend to put underwear in public on another half-freind's head. I made bala cover Vishwajeet's fat head with a large piece of underwear that Avinash had purcased for forty bucks. Vishwajeet removed the underwear in haste, making his specks fall. Fortunately they did not break, and all of us ran away. In sion station, Vishwajeet confronted Bala and told him how to be a responsible prankster. That's how, Bala ended up telling Vishwajeet, in the middle of Sion station, that it wasn't his fault if he did not know how to remove his underwear.
03) When two friends who were once very close were showing off and jumping over this bush, I thought I would be very clever, and run right through it. I fell, broke my chin, and got four stiches.
02) Faught on the road with a friend while cycling. The outcome was that I fell on the road again, on the chin, got five stitches there, which spilt after two days, and two stitched had to be redone. So that's eleven stitches in a two and a half inch area, which makes my beard grow wierd.
01) Almost drowned once when I thought I could "hop" through the deep end of a swimming pool, breathing every time I surfaced. It didn' work that way. I still get a chill in my bones everytime I think about it.