Monday, June 20, 2005

Some poetry.

poetry in blogs are usually deep and intellectual. Something like

A storm in the eye of the mind;
A silent scream in an eternal fall
And a soul's weight, undefined
But communism will liberate us all

thats about how much sense all of em make. Aashray and I made a few very understandable, but nontheless, deep and philosophical poems. We were on a swing in the garden when we did it. The swing was really low and it was so uncomfortable that we thought it deserved a poem. The swing moved us into writing a deep and philosophical poem which is nonetheless understandable. Mostly. and I am not drunk. Not now, not then.
Anyway, here is the poem:

The swing is bad
Which is sad
I wish I had
gone mad

Then we saw the stars above us. Yeah right. its monsoon, and the clouds were covering us. The sky was pink because the white clouds were reflecting the yellow light from the city. Because of refraction or referraction or some wierd scientific phenomenon that no one really understands, the sky was pink. We decided since the stars were dead for four months or so, (if not then some farmers will surely be dead) that it would be a nice thing to write a poem to the non existant stars.

the stars in the sky
are so high
it makes me wonder why
my pants are dry

then Aashray made this rhyme about Pamela, while i told him about one Varun and I had made up long ago. The punchline being, that all the silicon actually turned out to be sand. anyway:

ko tok ke mujhe kya mila?
mera lavda hila
jaise ek kela
Dheela dheela!

That translates to:

O Pamela!
what did I get from screwing you?
My penis shook
Like a banana
which was loose!

I wonder how deep and profound all this would have got, if we were, indeed, drunk.

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