church of the poison mind


my mom just left for work, and I just finished reading five point someone. A pretty drab ending, but the book itself was amazing. First thought that comes into my mind is that i can do something like this. Easy. with a little more humour probably, but a lot less intelligence. Liked the wierd schemes of Ryan very much... and till the end did not know what was going on in Cherian's mind...

ok. So will probably sleep for a bit now, seeing that I've had only four hours sleep yesterday night. Yeah, already yawning. Will watch a bit of tv first.

Listening to hurch of the poison mind by culture club right now...

plans for the day
1) sleep now after tving
2) paste pictures in BMM forms
3) head over to coll
4) mebbe head over to a friends house
5) come home, NOT go to play badminton
6) finally start studying for the entrance

almost in the same dilemma again... what to read next. Five point someone was an amazing book. Got me out of the HP universe anyway. I almost plunged into that thing... plich. Hitchhiker's thing. The last two lines are incoherent because they dissappeard behind winamp, which is always on top. Oh yeah, this is a notepad blog.