Monday, June 27, 2005

same old wierd custom stuff

The mirror has an article on how lions saved this girl from kidnappers. The last lines state that kidnapping young girls and orcing them to marry you is like a tradition there. Woah. Wierd custom eh? But the thing is even here, in the south, it's somewhat of a custom for the husband to kidnap his wife. Now the whole thing is arranged, and the bride to be is left alone at home, and everyone leaves, and the groom comes and picks her up for the marriage. Wierd eh?

Anyway, made the southpark chars from southparkstudios and will start blogging the cartoons with every post from now on - for the heck of it. Will probably put in real life jokes or at least jokes inspired form real life - there is no OTHER way to do it.

Thouht for the day:

Mankind will never have enough RAM

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