about today

came back from swimming, and wanted to check out the sodexho acceptability in Titan. so I turned on the comp, and sify began to update itself. damn thing. I patiently waited, then turned the comp off as it beame too late, then truned it back on on second thoughts, and went online, saw that it was acceptd...
then the electricity went.
headed over to the friends place via titan. got a watch for three grand, will publish a pic tommorrow. Going to Jai Hind tommorrow to get forms. Damn...
Came home, and met some BMM chap from SIES, who said that the college sucked, and that for my sake, he hoped not to see me there.
Then I came home and am blogging.
Dint't go to eden woods. Didn't study. The entrance is day after tommorrow.
Early morning.
Will have to watch people shitting and bathing all along the stinking way. Damn.
The good thing is I found an excellent swimming help website... http://www.swim.ee/models/models.htm

watched a bit of friends in the evening. Today was the episode of Ross and Rachel's first breakup. It was the episode of the famous "we were on a break" thing...