As expected

As expected, Ashwin backed out at the last moment. So I just got up early mornin, waiting in anticipation to call someone dumb or stupid. the dumb nokia model has this really loud alarm, and it goes into some sort of snooze mode. Fortunately I disabled it, and was able to snooze myself for some time. The idea was to actually go ack to sleep, I didn't know why I set the alarm in the first place - oh yeah, to call someone up and tell them they are dumb or stupid.
But i couldn't go back to sleep, and I went and read a few blogs, including the one by the JAM ed - youthcurry.blogspot. I also drifted around into the blogs of people who had left comments there...

There was some discussion on college relationships, and how boys want 'only one thing.' I wrote a comment on Richard Dawkin's view that we are all merely vehicles for the passage of genes, and that all the other things that girls apparently want lead up to that one thing anyway.

But it atleast made me realise that I should blog more meaningful stuff:

So I've decided to tone down on the constant blogging and utilise time doing other activities, therefore giving me more stuff to blog about.

Like making cartoon strips.

Got up pretty hungry actually. There was nothing to eat, I had finished all the food in a mammoth dinner yesterday night. So i din't even have curd rice for breakfast.