Been somewhat of a fan since te August 98 issue of NGC which showd anaglyphs of the pathfinder mission as well as some pics of Titanic. So I made my first anaglyph, which is not much of a sucess. will make more, better ones tommorrow. This was just sort of a trial. Actually, the principle behind this image was, why stop at the two point five inch area? why not go ahead, widen the gap, and see how it feels to have stereoscopic vision with your eyes placed really wide apart in your head. Like how about stereoscoping contrasting sides, like to get the idea of how a rabbit looks at the world or something.

I like the looking cross versions of anaglyphs, which do not need 3d glasses at all...

Will try all that pout with a digital camera tommorrow. Am going to sleep now... not taking the cam to yeoor, but hopefully GOING to yeoor tommorrow.