about today

skipped the came back from swimming post because for once, I did not go, and slept till around nine fifteen instead. Woke up with a slight headache. Headed over to Sion after playing star wars racer for a while. Dumb people forgot to make maps for coruscant or Naboo. Actually only Tatooine shows up. The barunda maps were good. I managed to win even after running half way into the sea once...
should've made it to the island.
Then went to Sion. this blog is a bit incoherent. There was some problem with the tracks today, I didn't exactly get it, and the train did not stop at vidyavihar, and ended up on platform four in sion which never happens.
Wanted to go to college, but met friends in GK, had something, went to college, the others wanted to complain about the rotten IT marks. Checked out the new renovated toilet one last time, and it hasn't changed much. The peons were still discussing their rotten sex lives.
Then went to acres and bowled. For the first time in my life. My score was a 68, which was the second highest. I even got a whad you you call them - when you strike everything out.
For a first attempt, its not very bad.
Then, had some lunch, came home, went to play badminton in eden woods, came back home and am blogging now. Wont blog again today... will study a bit instead.